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Prof. Masami Ouchi has started an appointment as professor at Division of Science
Two positions for project assistant professor, call for application (Deadline 2019/10/18 and 2019/11/1)
Yudong Luo won the ANPhA Young Scientist​ Award in the ​poster session of the 15th International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies
Hideaki Takemura and Yuta Yamazaki won Oral Awards at 49th Summer School on Astronomy and Astrophysics
Misako Tatsuuma got the JpGU 2019 Outstanding Student Presentation Award
Associate or assistant professor positions for female researchers, call for application, deadline 2019/11/11, 5:00 pm
NAOJ Fellow 2020, call for application, deadline 2019/09/06.
NAOJ Science Workshop II – Planet Formation Workshop 2019(2019/11/25-28)
Dr. Tomohisa Kawashima was on TV, Galileo X
NAOJ Associate Professors in Division of Science – call for application Deadline: 2019/06/28
Kick off of Division of Science
Prof. Hideko Nomura has arrived to Division of Science
NAOJ Professors in Division of Science – call for application Deadline: 2018/11/16
Dr. Akimasa Kataoka won PASJ Excellent Paper Award (2018/4/27)
Dr. Tomoya Takiwaki won the ASJ Young Astronomer Award 2016 (2017/3/28)
Dr. Masahiro Shirasaki received Awards from the Inoue Foundation for Science (2017/2/17)