Division of Science

The Division of Science of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) is a new research unit established in April 2019. Since it is independent of other projects, researchers who belong to the Division of Science can focus on their astronomy research without needing to develop observational instruments or operate telescopes.

Under the keywords “fusion of theory and observation”, “multi-wavelength astronomy”, and “multi-messenger astronomy”, members of the Division of Science conduct research to advance modern astronomy based on their own original ideas, unimpeded by the traditional divisions between observation wavelengths or research methods. As part of these activities, we promote an organic fusion between the large observation facilities of NAOJ, including the Subaru Telescope and ALMA, and simulation research using supercomputers. Other important missions include contributing to plans for future NAOJ activities based on a broad perspective on astronomy, and cultivating young researchers through training programs including postgraduate education. Through these efforts, we aim to attract young researchers from both inside and outside of Japan and make NAOJ a global hub for astronomy research.