This page explains our graduate program.


Thank you for visiting this page. Before going to specific procedure to join us, you have to know the general style of Japanese graduate school. The style might be different from that of your country.

  • In Japan, students usually do not receive salary and actually have to pay school expenses. We highly recommend you to obtain scholarship.
  • The academic year in Japan is usually April to March. For foreign students, program from October to September is available in some universities (as you will see, SOKENDAI and UT have such a program).

Path to study with us

There are mainly two ways to study in Division of Science. It depends on who you hope to be supervised by in our division. Many of the faculty members belong Graduate University for Advanced Studies (here after SOKENDAI) and some of the members can supervise the student of The University of Tokyo. The member list of two graduate university is available in the following links. Please contact your supervisor in the future.

For the scientific topics of the faculty staff, please see the following pages.


There are two admission seasons: you can choose April or October if you will pay your school expense by yourself. In both cases, you have to submit documents from October to November. If you want to obtain MEXT scholarship (a scholarship from the Japanese government), admission from October is the only option. We recommend using the “Embassy Recommendation” of your country to obtain the scholarship. See this page and this link for the details (if that page is not updated, basically schedule is similar every year.).

Useful LInks:

University of Tokyo


Two admission seasons are available for international students who want study in the University of Tokyo. If you wish to be enrolled in September, the application period is usually during April, on the other hand, the application period is during October for applicants wishing to enroll in April (Notice that the applicants are required to take TOEFL and GRE physics test to apply for the University of Tokyo, please arrange the exam date and application date properly). See this page for the details of enrollment.


If you want to study in the University of Tokyo, beside the MEXT scholarships, the University of Tokyo itself provides a monthly stipend of 200,000 yen scholarship (The University of Tokyo Fellowship) to self-supporting international student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and will enroll in the Graduate School of Science in September to pursue a Ph.D. degree. See here for detailed information about all the scholarships.

Global Science Graduate Course (GSGC)

The University of Tokyo also provide a special graduate program for students who just (or will) obtain a bachelor degree and wish to study in the University of Tokyo to pursue a Ph.D. degree. This program is a five-year program (2 years of Master course study and 3 years of doctoral course study). This program include a monthly scholarship of 180,000 yen if you are successfully enrolled. See here for detailed information.


For the lists of Alumni/Alumnae of Division of Science, see Japanese page.