Research Highlights
2021.5.17 Charting the Expansion History of the Universe with Supernovae ...Read more
2021.5.6 A New Window to See Hidden Side of Magnetized Universe ...Read more
2021.4.19 Hideaki Takemura at The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI released his research results. ...Read more
2020.8.18 Systematic radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of transients powered by circum-stellar interaction ...Read more
2020.4.30 A prediction of neutrino oscillations in electron capture supernovae ...Read more
2020.1.23 Radiation-hydrodynamic simulations of supernova ejecta interacting with circumstellar media ...Read more
2019.12.23 Researchers Discover Asteroidal Ice Fossils in Primitive Meteorite ...Read more
2019.8.19 De-noising cosmic mass density maps with deep learning ...Read more
2019.8.15 Central engine model for bright supernovae ...Read more
2019.8.12 A Successful Simulation of 3D Turbulence in O-shell Burning in Core-Collapse Phase of a Massive Star ...Read more
2019.7.27 Asteroseismology of proto neutron star suggests linkage of gravitational wave and f-mode oscillation ...Read more
2019.7.16 A strange supernova discovery by Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam ...Read more
2019.6.26 Pinpointing the Formation Site of Planet around Nearest Young Star with ALMA ...Read more
2019.6.6 Unveiling Mechanism of X-ray flares in Protostars ...Read more