Research Highlights
2024.4.18 Discovery of the origin of the streamer feeding the material of the young star Per-emb-2 ...Read more
2023.12.5 The James Webb Space Telescope discovered numerous supermassive black holes in the distant universe ...Read more
2023.11.14 Did the Solar System Originate 10,000 Light-Years Away? ...Read more
2023.11.10 Rapid Increase in Oxygen in Early Universe  ...Read more
2023.9.15 The Automated Reaction Pathway Search Reveals the Energetically Favorable Synthesis of Interstellar CH3OCH3 and HCOOCH3 ...Read more
2023.7.10 Molecular Filament Shielded Young Solar System from Supernova ...Read more
2023.6.28 Discovery of a new type of carbon-chain chemistry around massive young stellar objects – Hot Carbon-Chain Chemistry (HCCC) – ...Read more
2023.6.20 Observations of High-Mass Star Seeds Defy Models ...Read more
2023.6.15 Newly discovered molecular clouds that may be interacting with the astrophysical jets of the most active microquasar in our galaxy ...Read more
2023.6.14 Electromagnetic emission from black hole mergers in a giant disk of gas ...Read more
2023.6.12 Reveal chemical links involving NH2CHO that contains a peptide bond around high-mass protostars ...Read more
2023.5.18 A radio-detected Type Ia supernova with helium-rich circumstellar material ...Read more
2023.5.11 First Detection of Hot Molecular Cloud Cores in the Small Magellanic Cloud ...Read more
2023.4.13 Does Light Emerge from a Black Hole Merger?: Subaru+GTC Collaboration to Target Gravitational Wave Events ...Read more
2023.3.6 Magnetism in High-Mass Stars ...Read more
2023.2.28 Spiral arm high-mass protostellar accretion disk revealed by radio telescopes ...Read more
2023.2.16 An empirical method for mitigating an excess up-scattering mass bias on the weak lensing mass estimates for shear-selected cluster samples ...Read more
2023.1.17 Crisis in Cosmology: Statistics on the rescue. ...Read more
2023.1.11 Model-Independent Method to Weigh Protoplanetary Disks   ...Read more
2022.12.28 Machine Learning Reveals How Black Holes Grow ...Read more
2022.9.30 New theory predicts Earth-like aqua planets exist around red dwarfs ...Read more
2022.9.16 A new library of stellar evolution models ...Read more
2022.9.7 Discovery of Two Temperate Super-Earths, the Outer One Orbits in the Habitable Zone ...Read more
2022.8.14 New Material “Fingerprint” to Understand Planetary System Formation with ALMA ...Read more
2022.8.9 Cosmological constraints from HSC-Y1 cosmic shear using E/B mode COSEBIs ...Read more
2022.8.2 Scientists Reveal Distribution of Dark Matter around Galaxies 12 billion Years Ago – Further Back than Ever Before ...Read more
2022.7.22 Measuring the Universe with Star-Shattering Explosions ...Read more
2022.7.13 Brief Encounter with Mysterious Heavenly Event ...Read more
2022.4.26 Exploring Atmospheric Properties from Eclipse Data for 25 Hot Jupiters: New Phase in Exoplanet Atmosphere Research ...Read more
2021.12.2 The ultra-wideband, high sensitivity 7mm radio receiver installed on the 45m! ...Read more