2021.10.7 personnelinformation

Personnel changes in FY2021

This page will be updated if we have a new information.

Newly Assigned

Prof. Masahiro Ikoma

○ NAOJ Professor (2021/04/01-)

〇 The Tokyo University Associate Professor (-2021/3/31)

Prof. Nozomu Tominga

○ NAOJ Professor (2021/04/01-)

○ Konan University Professor (2021/03/31)

Prof. Kotomi Taniguchi

○ Project Assistant Professor (NAOJ fellow) (2021/04/01-)

○ Gakusyuin University (2019/08 – 2021/03)

○ University of Virginia (Virginia Initiative on Cosmic Origins Fellow) (2018.9-2019.8)

Dr. Takayuki Ohgami

〇 NAOJ Project Research Staff (2021/04/01-)

〇 Konan University (Postdoctral Fellow) (-2021/03/31)

Dr Yuji Matsumoto

〇 NAOJ Project Research Staff (2021/05/01-)

〇 Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica,ASIAA, postdoc

Dr. Yuichi Ito

〇 NAOJ Project Research Staff (2021/07/01-)

〇 University College London, Research Fellow (-2021/06)

Prof. Hiroki Nagakura

○  Project Assistant Professor (NAOJ fellow) (2021/09/01-)

〇 Princeton University, Department of Astrophysical Sciences (-2021/08/31)

I have worked on the theoretical study of high-energy astrophysics. At NAOJ, I will proceed multi-messenger astrophysics through collaborative works with both theoretical and observational groups at NAOJ. I look forward to having exciting discussion with you.

Dr. Masato Kobayashi

〇 NAOJ  Project Research Staff (2021/09/30-)

〇 Tohoku University (Postdoctoral Research Fellow) (-2021/09)

Prof. Doris Arzoumanian

○ Project Assistant Professor (NAOJ fellow) (2021/09/27-)

Dr. Ross Burns

〇 NAOJ Project Research Staff (2021/12/01-)

Greetings DoS. My name is Ross Burns, I am a postdoc working in Nakamura-san’s group which is currently installing a new wide-Qband receiver on the Nobeyama 45m radio telescope. My PhD was at Kagoshima University under Toshihiro Handa which focussed on Milky Way Galaxy mapping using VERA water maser parallax measurements of star forming regions, and also the protostellar jets which form these masers. Since then research has typically focussed on radio observations of high-mass star forming regions with particular emphasis on episodic accretion / ejection, masers, VLBI techniques and some work with single dish and short baseline interferometers. My dominant personal project is the Maser Monitoring Organisation which uses maser flare events to identify transient phenomena in star forming regions. I look forward to working more closely with the Nobeyama radio telescope and supporting the observatory in any way.

Dr. Tomoya Takiwaki


〇 Division of Science, Assistant professor (-2022/01/31)
〇 CfCA, Associate professor (2022/02/01-)

Dr Shinsuke Ideguchi

〇 NAOJ Research Supporter (2022/01/01-)


Prof. Masahiro Ogihara


〇 NAOJ Fellow (-2021/03/31)

〇 Earth-Life Science Institute (Research Scientist) (2021/4/1-)

Dr. Hirokazu Sasaki


〇 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow (-2021/03/31)
〇 Los Alamos National Laboratory (2021/04/01-)

Kim, Seong-Joong

〇 NAOJ Research Supporter (-2021/03/31)

Dr. Kanji Mori


〇 Fukuoka University (Postdoctral Researcher) (2021/04/01-)

Dr. Makiko Ban


〇 CfCA research supporter (-2021/9/31)

〇 Uniwersytet Warszawski postdoc (2021/10/01-)

Dr. Tomoya Takiwaki


〇 Division of Science, Assistant professor (-2022/01/31)
〇 CfCA, Associate professor (2022/02/01-)


Prof Kohji Tomisaka

〇 NAOJ Professor (-2021/03/31)

Prof Kajino Toshitaka

〇 NAOJ Project Professor (-2021/03/31)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Thank you very much for your kind hospitality and friendship over the years during my professorship at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan since 1993.  I formally retired from NAOJ in last March, 2021.  I was very happy to be able to start, develop and establish the new frontier field of Cosmo-Nuclear Physics with you here at NAOJ.  Cosmo-Nuclear Physics is an interdisciplinary science field that crosses over astronomy, nuclear physics, particle physics, cosmochemistry, space science, meteorite science, and even astrobiology.

When I was a student, my mentor and thesis advisor Prof. Akito Arima at the University of Tokyo told me; “We should be confident that in the long history of human civilization, our ancestors in the eastern part of the earth were thousands of years ahead of the world.  We fall behind only in the last three hundred years, which is negligible compared with thousand years.  With the hardworking, endeavor, and selfless dedication of the young people, the eastern part will be advanced sooner or later.”  Actually the Industrial Revolution which started from western countries changed the world for the last three hundred years.  However, Japanese wisdom in the last century and also recent Chinese wisdom have started to change the world again globally in the recent quarter century, which I wish to call “Science Revolution” someday in the near future. 

My heart swells with full of hopes and expectations, keeping his message in mind.  I have moved completely to Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Beihang University) from April 1, 2021 as a distinguished University Professor of School of Physics and the director of International Research Center for Big-Bang Cosmology and Element Genesis which I accepted five years ago.

I wish to keep keen contact with you in science, exchange friendship and promote extensive collaboration even more strongly than ever, following Willy Fowler’s legacy message “Seek for truth, Work hard, and Help each other.” which overlaps with Prof. Arima’s message.  Willy was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1983 for his remarkable contribution to establish nuclear astrophysics to study the origin of elements in the Universe. 

You are very welcome to Beijing to convey your COSNAP colloquium talk on your recent work!  COSNAP is an international consortium of world wide activity in Cosmo-Nuclear Physics (COSNAP is the abbreviation of COSmology and NuclearAstrophysics) centered at Tokyo and Beijing which we started at NAOJ.

With very best wishes,

  Taka Kajino @ Beijing