2019.7.27 articles

Asteroseismology of proto neutron star suggests linkage of gravitational wave and f-mode oscillation

Core-collapse supernovae are target of multi-messenger astronomy. The neutrinos and gravitational waves are emitted at the explosion in addition to the photons. Detection of such signals is expected to provide essential clues to understand their explosion mechanism.

Dr. Hajime Sotani, Dr. Tomoya Takiwaki and their collaborators analysed the modes in the proto-neutron star using technique of asteroseismology. They found that one of the most important mode of gravitational wave could be interpreted as a f-mode activity of proto-neutron star. That mode is usually considered as a surface g-mode.

Though the frequency of that gravitational wave signal tells us the radius and mass of the proto-neutron star, the f-mode and surface g-mode predict different frequencies. To clarify the origin of the mode, we need more models and update of the analysis method.


Sotani, Hajime; Kuroda, Takami; Takiwaki, Tomoya; Kotake, Kei,  Physical Review D, Volume 99, Issue 12, id.123024 [ADS], [PRD]
Sotani, Hajime [orcid]
Takiwaki, Tomoya [personal website]