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齋藤 正雄(研究連携主幹)

Announcement – NAOJ Professors in Division of Science

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) invites applications
for a few professor positions in the division of science.

  1. Job Title: Professor, a few positions
  2. Division and Location: Division of Science, NAOJ, Mitaka, Tokyo
    181-8588, Japan
  3. Area of Expertise: astronomy and/or related fields
  4. Job Description:
    The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) has been playing
    a leading role in the forefront of astronomical research worldwide, as
    has been demonstrated in the construction and operation of large-scale
    astronomical facilities such as Subaru telescope, ALMA, and ATERUI II
    (supercomputer for astrophysical simulations). As of April 2019, NAOJ
    will establish a new division called “Division of Science” aiming to
    develop new fields of growth in natural sciences for further
    advancement of astronomy by leveraging strategies such as: 1)
    strengthening synergies between theory and observations; 2) pushing
    forward with multi-wavelength astronomy; and 3) encouraging creative
    new ideas that bring key innovation to astronomy (e.g. multi-messenger
    astronomy). Along with the establishment of the new division, existing
    four divisions (Division of Theoretical Astronomy, Division of Radio
    Astronomy, Division of Optical and Infrared Astronomy, and Division of
    Solar and Plasma Astrophysics) will be dissolved.
    As one of the lead scientists at the Division of Science, the
    successful candidate is expected to explore the new possibilities in
    astronomy and to take the initiative in promoting scientific
    activities that make impact on relevant research fields as well. The
    responsibilities of this position require continuously demonstrating
    leadership and outstanding performance in research activities, and
    also fostering collaborations among NAOJ scientists to stimulate
    productivity of science by making the best use of NAOJ’s strengths.
  5. Terms of Appointment:
    The candidate should be able to start as soon as possible after the
    job offer has been accepted.
    It is possible to continue in this position until NAOJ’s mandatory
    retirement age.
  6. Minimum Educational Requirement: Ph.D. or equivalent
  7. Required Application Materials: (*To be prepared in English. Any
    other language will not be accepted)
    (1) A cover letter,
    (2) A curriculum vitae,
    (3) Publications list (Separate refereed and non-refereed papers with
    number of citations by ADS),
    (4) A summary of your past research activities including international
    (5) Your commitment and plan to fulfill the duties (including your
    research plan as needed)
    (6) Five or more reference letters. Note that your current supervisor
    or line manager cannot be your reference. Please ask the individuals
    to send the letter as an e-mail attachment to the submission address
    shown in 9. (1). Applicants are responsible for ensuring that the
    letters arrive before the application deadline. (all reference letters
    should be written by faculty/staff with tenured positions, and the
    maximum number of reference letters from one country should be two)
    (7)Your address (e-mail and phone) for prompt contact and the email
    address of your current supervisor or line manager.
  8. Application Deadline: 2018-11-16, 17:00 (Japan Standard Time)
  9. Submission:
    (1) Send your application documents by e-mail to;
    E-mail: (replace AT with @)
    Subject of e-mail: “Application for Professor of NAOJ Division of
    (2) If you have any question, contact;
    E-mail: (replace AT with @)
    Professor SAITO, Masao,
    Director of Research Coordination NAOJ,
    Subject of e-mail: “Question on Professor of NAOJ Division of Science”
  10. Notes for application:
    Convert each application documents (from 7.(1) through 7.(7) above) to
    separate PDF files and attach them to your e-mail for application.
    Make PDF files with appropriate resolution so that they won’t be too
    large (file size: up to 10 MB)
    Upon receipt of your application, you will receive a confirmation
    e-mail. If you do not receive any response from NAOJ within 3 working
    days, please contact; E-mail: (replace
    AT with @)
    Candidates selected in the final short list may be interviewed by the
    selection committee either via internet or face-to-face. The expense
    for the interview will not be covered by NAOJ.
  11. Remarks
    The NAOJ Advisory Committee for Research and Management will make the
    final decision for the appointment.
    Policy for Equal Employment Opportunity: Abiding by the Equal
    Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women, NAOJ is committed to the
    realization of a society with gender equality. If two candidates are
    deemed equal in their performance evaluation, NAOJ will take positive
    action to employ women. For details, see

Masao Saito
Director of research coordination
National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Phone: +81-422-34-3514
Fax: +81-422-34-3527