2021.1.22 personnelinformation

Personnel changes in FY2020

This page will be updated if we have a new information.

Newly Assigned

Dr. Nanase Harada

  • Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica project researcher (- 2020/6/30)
  • NAOJ Assistant Professor [info] (2020/07/01-)

Dr. Maria Dainotti

  • NAOJ Assistant Professor [info] (2021/01/01-)

I am Maria Dainotti. I study Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs), the GRB-Supernovae Ib/c connection, the relation between GRB rate and star formation rate, and the application of GRBs correlations as model discriminators and as cosmological tools. I also work on machine learning to extract the redshift of GRBs and Active Galactic Nuclei.
I am thrilled and excited about joining NAOJ since the 1st of January 2021. Previously, I worked as a tenured Assistant Professor at Jagiellonian University. We have already made plans to collaborate with Takiwaki-san and Moriya-san on the GRB-SNe connection and on the ultra-long GRBs and I hope to work with Suzuki-san on the superluminous SNe and their connection with GRBs. I hope to collaborate with Tomisaka-sensei on the GRB rate versus the star formation rate for long and short GRBs. Regarding GRB cosmology, I hope to work with Sugiyama-san and Hamana-san to add GRB probes to BAO and the weak lensing to further constrain cosmological parameters. I hope to collaborate with Prof. Kajino on furthering our understanding of the dark energy models. I am enthusiastic about utilizing the Subaru Telescope and Alma facilities in collaboration with the Subaru (with Yoshida-sensei) and Alma teams (Iguchi-sensei) to further investigate the optical and radio afterglows of GRBs


Dr. Yen-Chen Pan

  • NAOJ EACOA fellow (-2020/07)
  • NCU assistant professor (2020/08-)