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Personnel changes in FY2020

This page will be updated if we have a new information.

Newly Assigned

Dr. Nanase Harada

  • Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica project researcher (- 2020/6/30)
  • NAOJ Assistant Professor [info] (2020/07/01-)

Dr. Maria Dainotti

  • To be updated (- 202?/??/??)
  • NAOJ Assistant Professor [info] (2021/01/01-)
    I am Maria Dainotti. I study Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs), the GRB-Supernovae Ib/c connection, what is the mechanism that powers them, the connection between GRB rate and star formation rate, and the application of GRBs as cosmological tools through established correlations among important physical quantities. I also work on machine learning to extract the redshift of GRBs and Active Galactic Nuclei.
    I am thrilled and excited about joining NAOJ since the 1st of January 2021. We have already made plans to collaborate with Takiwaki-san and Moriya-san on the GRB-SNe connection and with Moriya-san on the ultra-long GRBs. I hope to work with Suzuki-san on the superluminous SNe and their connection with GRBs. I hope to collaborate with Tomisaka-sensei on the GRB rate versus the star formation rate for long and short GRBs. Regarding GRB cosmology, I hope to work with Sugiyama-san and Hamana-san to add GRB probes to BAO and the weak lensing to further constrain cosmological parameters. I hope to collaborate with Prof. Kajino on furthering our understanding of the dark energy models which fit most observations. I am enthusiastic about utilizing the Subaru Telescope and Alma facilities on the optical and radio afterglows of GRBs to make further insights on the mechanism powering GRBs and I hope to work with the Subaru team (with Yoshida-sensei) and Alma team (Iguchi-sensei) on these topics.


Dr. Yen-Chen Pan

  • NAOJ EACOA fellow (-2020/07)
  • NCU assistant professor (2020/08-)