2020.10.14 news

NAOJ Workshop on “Stellar Alchemy to Galactic Archeology”( 2020/10/26-29)

(This is a carbon-copy of tennet:19063.)

NAOJ Workshop “Stellar Alchemy to Galactic Archeology”
  Website : https://sites.google.com/view/rp2020

<date> 26 Oct. (Mon) – 29 Oct. (Th) 2020

<Venue> Mitaka (NAOJ), but mainly via online

<Language> Japanese and English (welcome)

<Participation Fee> Free

<Registration> deadline: 23 Oct (Fri),
but *19 Oct (Mon)* if you want to give a presentation
  (Online poster presentation is also planned.)


Since Aug 2017, following the first detection of GW from
an NS-NS merger, understanding on NS mergers as origin of
r-process nuclei has been progressing. The observation of
“kilonova/macronova” tells us detailed physical properties
on the r-process production site. The impacts are not limited
in nucleosynthesis studies, seeking the cosmic origin of “gold.”
It expands into a broader range of astrophysics related
to stellar evolution and explosions, compact objects
and evolution of galaxies.

In this Workshop, the 3rd revision of “r-process Workshop series”
started from 2018, we will focus on the evolution of galaxies
as well as on stellar r-process nucleosynthesis. Together with
the world-leading researchers from several disciplines,
including observational and theoretical astrophysics,
we discuss several aspects of the nucleosynthesis and
galactic evolution. Fundamental physical processes of
nucleosynthesis are also discussed.

– cosmic nucleosynthesis
– stellar evolution and supernovae
– high-energy astrophysics
– formation and evolution of galaxies
– nuclear astrophysics
– database (nuclear date, stellar abundance data etc.)

<Invited Speakers (and topic)>

M. Chiba (Tohoku U)
S. Fujibayashi (AEI, MPI)
R. Hirai (Monash U)
K. Hotokezaka (RESCEU, U Tokyo)
S. Inoue (RIKEN)
N. Imai (CNS, U Tokyo)
M. Ishigaki (NAOJ)
T. Kuroda (AEI, MPI)
H. Liang (U Tokyo)
T. Matsuno (Groningen U)
S. Nishimura (RIKEN)
T. Okamoto (Hokkaido U)
M. Ouchi (NAOJ/U Tokyo)
T. Suda (TUT)
T. Takeuchi (Nagoya U)
N. Tominaga (Kohan U)
T. Yokoyama (Tokyo Tech)
S. Wanajo (AEI, MPI)

W. Aoki (NAOJ), K. Hayashi (Tohoku U), Y. Hirai (RIKEN),
K. Kyutoku (Kyoto U), N. Nishimura (RIKEN, Chair),
T. Takiwaki (NAOJ), M. Tanaka (Tohoku U), T. Tsujimoto (NAOJ)

 – NAOJ (main sponsor)
 – RIBF Theory Forum

Feel free to ask via the inquiry form (website)
or e-mail to nobuya.nishimura _at_ riken.jp
if you have any questions.