2019.8.12 articles

A Successful Simulation of 3D Turbulence in O-shell Burning in Core-Collapse Phase of a Massive Star

Dr. Takashi Yoshida (University of Tokyo), Dr. Tomoya Takiwaki (Division of Science) and their colleagues have been successful in a three dimensional simulation of O-shell burning phase just before the core-collapse of a massive star. A strong turbulence whose Mach number of 0.1 is found in the simulation. The figure depicts the mass fraction of Si. The turbulence makes anisotropic density distribution and that can promote a vigor explosion of core-collapse supernovae.

In this study, they first performed 100 of 1D simulations with changing stars’ initial masses and other parameters. After that they picked up 11 models and performed 2D simulations. They found preferable environment to make strong turbulence. The environment is O layer which contains a lot of Si that located at about 1000 km. The result of the 3D simulation is compared with that of 2D simulations. They also found that the energy spectrum of 3D simulation is different from that of 2D simulation.


Takashi Yoshida, Tomoya Takiwaki, Kei Kotake, Koh Takahashi, Ko Nakamura, and Hideyuki Umeda,The Astrophysical Journal, in press [ADS], [ApJ]
Yoshida, Takashi [orcid]
Takiwaki, Tomoya [personal website]