Observation of magnetic fields in lensing galaxies using radio polarization data

Speaker: Rikuto Omae


External galaxies often intervene on background radio sources such as quasars and radio galaxies. Linear polarization of the background emission is depolarized by the Faraday rotation of inhomogeneous magnetized plasma of the intervening galaxies. Exploring the depolarizing intervening galaxies can be a powerful tool for investigating the cosmological evolution of the galactic magnetic field. Recently, Mao et al. (2017) detected coherent μG magnetic fields in the lensing disk galaxy by exploiting the scenario where the polarized radio emission from a background source is gravitationally lensed by an intervening galaxy using broadband radio polarization data. The method is based on the difference in Faraday depths, where the background source emission passes through different positions of the intervening galaxies due to the gravitational lensing effect. Using a galactic magnetic field model, we investigate how background polarized sources are observed due to the gravitational lensing effects of intervening galaxies. We will also discuss how this can be observed and applied in real data using the SKA predecessor.


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