Development of GPU-accelerated simulation code for planetesimal accretion

speaker: Yuki Kambara

During the planet formation process, interaction with the gas of protoplanetary disk is important. Gas drag changes the random velocity and semimajor axis of the planetesimals and also causes orbital migration. Recently, a model of gas evolution in protoplanetary disks has been proposed that takes into account the effects of MHD disk wind and photoevaporation. However, only very simplified gas disk models have been considered in simulations of planetesimal accretion. In this study, we investigate the effect of difference of gas disk evolution models on the accretion process of planetesimals. In order to perform N-body simulations considering various gas disk evolution models, I am developing a simulation code. Fourth-order Hermite method is implemented for time integration and GPU acceleration is also implemented. In this presentation, I will present the current situation of the development and the prospects for future simulations.