Dense Cores Embedded in 70µm-dark High-mass Clumps: CMF and Fragmentation

speaker: Kaho Morii

The very early evolutionary stage of high-mass star and cluster formation is a key phase for understanding how the progenitors of stars form and evolve. We have conducted the ALMA Survey of 70 µm Dark High-mass Clumps in Early Stages (ASHES) toward thirty-nine cold regions with massive, dense molecular gas, which are thought to be the ideal sites to investigate the early phase of high-mass star formation. The high-resolution (~1.”2) and high-sensitivity observations mosaicked by ALMA succeed in revealing the internal structure of infrared-dark clouds and the unprecedented amount of 839 cores. This is the largest sample of cores in IRDCs observed with ALMA so far. In this talk, I will present prestellar core mass function (CMF) with the comparison with protostellar CMF and Salpeter’s IMF, and the fragmentation properties compared with Jeans fragmentation.