A new perspective on cosmology through Gamma-ray Bursts and Supernovae

speaker: Biagio De Simone

The state of the art of modern cosmology considers the LambdaCDM model as the standard paradigm for describing the structure and the evolution of the universe. Despite the wide success of this model, there are still many open problems on the list, in particular the Hubble constant tension. This is the discrepancy, in more than 4 sigma, between the value of the Hubble constant estimated through the local probes and the value of the Hubble constant inferred from the Cosmic Microwave Background. Supernovae Ia (SNe Ia) are able to cast more light on this open issue but, given the observational limitations, can be observed only up to redshift 2.3. New standardizable probes are needed, and in this perspective Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs), being a class of excellent standardizable candles, gain a central role in the current and future analysis. In this talk, I will give a summary of modern cosmology and I will explain how the standard candles, such as Supernovae Ia, in combination with the Gamma-ray Bursts can cast more light on the open problems of modern cosmology.