AGN Variability: reverberation phenomena and variability-based AGN selection

speaker: Mitsuru Kokubo

AGN accretion disk continua show temporal luminosity variations over the entire wavelength range from X-rays to optical on time scales of days to years.
The continuum variability induces the reverberation phenomena in the outer accretion disk, Broad Line Region (BLR), and dust torus IR emission.
The reverberation mapping technique has been used to put constraints on the radial extent and physical conditions of the otherwise unresolved accretion disk, BLR, and dust torus around the central supermassive black holes.
In this talk I will review the recent observational progress and emerging issues in the AGN reverberation mapping.
In the latter half of the talk, I will also discuss our ongoing work on the variability-based AGN survey with the Subaru/HSC time-domain data.