Teaching and Outreach Activities


Apr 2021
Lecture on the “Structure of the ISM and star formation” as part of the IAU-OAD AstroSprint project.

Dec 2019
Lecture in the school of the Porto prison.
Subject: Introduction to research in astrophysics

Jul 2017
Lecture in Takamatsu Sakurai High School (Kagawa-Ken, Japan).
Subject: Research in Astrophysics: Why do I like science?

Organizing Outreach Activites

May 2021
A series of public talks entitled “Noojoom” (stars in Arabic) broadcasted live on Youtube.
The event allowed us to collect funds to provide science books to school children in Beirut/Lebanon

“Le Club Astro”: Founding/leading member of the student club


The outreach movie “Observations and Simulations” shot during the international filament conference in 2018, Nagoya University, Japan.

Press Releases

- The Astronomical Herald, October 2022 (Japan).
- AGBU Insider, Women in Stem, May 2020 (New York).
- Herschel unravels the thread of star formation in the Gould Belt, ESA Science & Technology (April 2011).
- General public astronomy magazines (France): Science & Vie (July 2011), Ciel et Espace (October 2011)