Chemistry of star-forming regions at low metallicity

Speaker: Takashi Shimonishi (Niigata University)


Understanding chemistry of interstellar medium at low metallicity is crucial to unveil chemical processes in high-redshift galaxies and the past Galactic environment, where the metallicity was significantly lower compared to the present-day solar neighborhood. In this decade, there have been great progress in astrochemical studies of star-forming regions at low metallicity. A variety of interstellar molecules, including complex species, are detected towards molecular clouds, dense cores, embedded protostars, and hot molecular cores in nearby low-metallicity galaxies, the Large and Small Magellanic Cloud. In general, molecular abundances are lower in low-metallicity star-forming regions. However, current observations suggest that molecular abundances do not always simply scale with the elemental abundances, and indirect effects caused by the decreased metallicity, such as enhanced photochemistry or grain surface chemistry on warmer dust, are also important for understanding the chemical processes of the interstellar medium at low metallicity. In this presentation, I will summarize the current status of astrochemical studies of low-metallicity star-forming regions. Furthermore, I will show the initial results of our ongoing hot core survey towards the Magellanic Clouds with ALMA.