Tracing galaxy evolution with deep spectroscopic survey

Speaker: Po-Feng Wu
(EACOA fellow, Division of Optical/Infrared Astronomy)


The stars in galaxies hold the fossil record of galaxy formation and evolution. Stars of different ages leave various imprints on galaxy spectra, from which we can reconstruct the formation histories of individual galaxies. I will introduce the LEGA-C survey, an ESO large program using 100 nights on the VLT 8m to obtain thousands of ultra-deep galaxy spectra at z~1, the mid-point in the cosmic history, where the cosmic star-formation rate density starts to decline rapidly. I will present my effort on using the stellar ages and formation histories to reveal both the regularity and diversity of galaxy evolution at and from 7 billion years ago. This extra-galactic archaeology method will open new windows for galaxy evolution in the era of the Prime Focus Spectrograph on the Subaru telescope.