Consider the Origin of Outflow and Jet in Accretion Phase Sources

Yuko Matsushita (NAOJ)


Both high- and low-velocity outflows are occasionally observed around a protostar by molecular line emission. The high-velocity component with a velocity of ≳ 50 − 100 km/s is called “Extremely High-Velocity (EHV) flow”, while the component with a velocity of ~ 10 km/s is simply referred to as “(molecular) outflow”. Since these flows are observed only in an early phase of star formation, they are considered to be a pivotal target to clarify the star formation process. This study reports a newly found EHV flow and outflow around MMS 5 in the Orion Molecular Cloud 3 and Orion Molecular Cloud 2/FIR 6 region observed with ALMA.