Pathway to numerical simulations of stripped-envelope supernovae

Andrea Nagy (University of Szeged, Hungary)


Stripped-envelope (Type IIb and Ib/c) supernovae form a special group among core-collapse SNe, because their progenitors lost the H and He layers during the pre-supernova evolution. Because of this mass-loss the debate on the surrounding envelope of these objects has not been settled yet. Moreover, the analytic models also deepen this issue, because there is a discrepancy in the gained ejecta masses from early- and late-time light curve fits. Due to this complex physical nature, theoretical models are essential to understand better the physics of this kind of exploding stars. Here I present a possible method for modelling the progenitor and the circumstellar environment of these stripped-envelope SNe, which could help to solve the mass discrepancy problem via semi-analytic and hydrodynamic simulations.

host contact: Misako Tatsuuma