Title: Rapidly rotating sub-stellar objects

Kotaro Fujisawa (Research Center for the Early Universe, Univ. of Tokyo)


Almost all stars and sub-stellar objects have rotation, and some sub-stellar objects display rapid rotation. Beta Pictoris b is one of the fast spinning exoplanets, and its rotation velocity is higher than those of planets in the Solar system. Some brown dwarfs also have rapid rotations, and their rotation periods are only a few hours. The shapes of rapidly rotating sub-stellar objects might be deformed due to the strong centrifugal forces, and non-spherical models are required to describe them. In order to consider the structures and evolution of rapidly rotating sub-stellar objects, we calculated both thermal evolution and rotating structures of them using MESA code and our numerical code for obtaining structures of rotating stars. In this talk, I will review some observations of rotating stars and sub-stellar objects and discuss the shape and evolution of rapidly rotating sub-stellar objects.

Host contact: Akihiro Suzuki